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Anna Academy

Authorised Recruiter

Anna academy is authorised recruitment agency for many MCI approved medical schools internationally.

Foreign Universities

Anna academy helps many students realise their dream of becoming a doctor by securing MBBS seats in global medical schools.

No Entrance Exams

Entrance exams are not required for securing MBBS admissions in many medical schools across the world represented by Anna academy.

Guaranteed Admissions

Anna academy ensures guaranteed direct admissions to international students who meet the selection criteria of the medical school.

No Donation Fees

As Anna Academy is authorised by many medical schools to recruit students, we ensure that the students do not have to pay any donation fees.

And Many More...

Anna academy's extensive experience in placing students into international medical schools ensures a hassle free admission process for the applicants.

Featured Country


Cultural Diversity

Mauritius is well known for its cultural diversity. Here, various traditions flourish in peace and is reputed as a nation of racial harmony.

The People and Languages used

Mauritians are known for their hospitality and warm nature. Being both an English-speaking and French-speaking nation, Mauritius is a member of both the Commonwealth of Nations and the Francophonie. Other languages spoken in Mauritius include Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu, etc.

Safe for living

Both expatriates and citizens are in agreement that this enchanting island is a safe place for everyone. On the health front, the country is free from many of the diseases affecting the sub-tropical countries of the world.


The island is saved from extreme temperatures during summer and winter, with a temperature ranging between 25°C and 33°C during summer and 17°C - 25°C during winter.

Here to help

Our experienced counsellors will provide you with guidance every step of the way - right from giving you a detailed overview of the courses available, exams that need to be taken for admission/visa purposes and the cost of studying in your chosen country to assisting you with getting your admission and visa (including preparation and verification of visa documents and following up on visa applications with embassies).